Thursday, 5 November 2015


As part of my council duties I have the privilege to be the section 33 visits (to Social service establishments) Perry Barr District champion.
In this role I carry out occasional visits and do a report of my observations.

One such visit I undertake is to the Beeches Gold Centre 174 Beeches Road Great Barr and while I will not divulge the contents of my report  I can say how well and active those who attend this centre appear.
Those who attend have multiple issues to face from dementia to learning difficulties. They all have smiles on their faces and get really involved in the many activities on offer at the centre.
 It is wonderful to meet them.

Some of these activities include at this centre include.

Sports, Football, bowling,snooker, badminton and more.
Games like dominoes and bingo are held.
There are visits to the cinema, day trips arranged and tea dances amongst other things,
Those who use the centre have the choice of which activities they do.
 There is a well stocked canteen where at little cost food and drink can be obtained
I nearly forgot Flower arranging, painting,sewing and so many other things are also carried out.

The Centres hard working, qualified,  caring staff help ensure the facility runs well and help ensure the users are cared for and help many of the users of the facility enjoy themselves.

For more details regarding the Beeches Gold Centre ring 464 3123

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