Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Sadly however much residents care about our open spaces in Oscott there will always be those who do not.
The Friends of the Queslett Nature Reserve collectively and in many cases singly carry our small jobs ( recently some palisade fencing was repaired) on the reserve such as litter picking. All this helps make the site more welcoming and attractive as well as more desirable for wild life.

It is a shame however although it appears a sign of the times others carry out acts of petty vandalism on the site from cutting down trees , damaging fencing and yes allowing their dogs to foul the site without removing the dogs mess.( sometimes even leaving their dogs mess in bags tied to bushes!!)

The FQNR do what we can to improve the site new heavy litter bins have for example been requested and placed on the site but we would ask all to come along to the site enjoy the peace and quite, enjoy taking some exercise and importantly leave the wild life to also enjoy the site.

The FQNR also work with various agency,s the Police, the Local Landfill site officers and the Parks department in cooperation to help improve the reserve. 
We do however need more active volunteers to help look after the site.

For more details please email me Keith.Linnecor@birmingham.gov.uk

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