Saturday, 22 July 2017


I am still being asked what the situation is regarding the strike action which is effecting the waste collection / emptying of wheelie bins. Below is the latest information I have
Further talks on refuse dispute week ending 21st July
Talks took place this week between Council senior staff including the Interim Chief Executive Stella Manzie and Trades Unions including Unite who are currently taking disruptive industrial action.

Ms Manzie said: “In the talks both sides set out their issues. The Council restated the very fair and reasonable options it had given for refuse workers affected by reorganisation proposals.
There will be no job losses for those who wish to remain with the council and there are options ranging from alternatives at the same grade, to promotional opportunities to staying within the refuse service, or taking redundancy.

 “The Council is operating in difficult times. We are focused on providing reliable, effective refuse collection for citizens and we want to work with trades unions to do that. If that means taking difficult decisions the Council will do so, even where at times it means difficult industrial relations which we are actively trying to resolve

“We will be cleaning up rubbish over the weekend and next week.”

Clearly the situation is clearly annoying to all concerned. If your bin has not been collected leave it out for collection at a later date. I am happy to pass on your concerns if it continues not to be collected.
I will also continue to urge all involved to keep talking and to try and resolve this dispute urgently

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