Thursday, 19 October 2017



There seems to be another Speight of Fly Tipping going on in Oscott.

A number of rear access ways ( which are usually owned by and are the responsibility of residents them selves) seem to be targeted.

Residents with rear access ways need to make sure they lock gates if there are any and remind neighbours, rubbish should not be dumped in these rear access ways

Where their are no gates neighbours need to club together to buy some.
Along with the Osoctt Neighbourhood Police Initiative ( N.P.I.) volunteers I can help arrange for a free lock to be  fitted ( attached by a welded chain to the gates.)

These gates offer security from non resident fly tippers who often come from other areas and from anti social behaviour

There is no excuse for fly tipping as the Holford Drive waste recycling Centre is only minutes away for the Oscott area and the Council offer a competitively priced bulk collection service.
Fly tipper need to be caught, fined and named and shamed.

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