Monday, 23 October 2017


As Oscott residents may be aware following the Governments decision to reduce the Amount of democratically elected representatives (MP's) from 650 to 600 their Boundary Committee has come up with recommendations to put the Oscott Ward into what would become a South Walsal Constituency

I have made no comment on this situation as I would like to hear the views of Oscott residents before I do

For information
After considering in detail all the evidence put forward by responses in both the initial and secondary consultation, and determining what revisions accordingly need to be made to our initial proposals, we are conducting a final public consultation on these revised proposals between 17 October and 11 December 2017. Responses to this will inform our decisions on whether any last adjustments need to be made before we submit our final recommendations in September 2018.

I would suggest that you make your views known, further information can be found on line.
 however from recent experience I would not hold your breath when making views known as more than likely the request from the Governments Boundary commission for your views is more for ticking off consultation check list only ,  However I could be wrong.

Please let me have your views on this subject by Emailing me
Or by writing to me care of the Council house.

As many of you may know Councillor Tristan Chatfield has decided to stand in the Weoley Castle Ward this year. This is due to the Governments boundary Commissions changes to the Local Ward Boundaries which has cut Oscott into leaving just 2 Councillors for the ward. ( there is a cut of 19 in the numbers of Birmingham City Council despite the cities population growing)
Tristan has done a great job for Oscott and will continue to do so until the Local Elections in May
He will also keep his links with the area through his work for our MP.

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