Wednesday, 11 October 2017


I would like to thank all those Oscott Schools who took the time to send a representative to the all "Oscott Schools Parking and Road safety meeting."

I would also like to thank representatives from the Fire Brigade, the Police , Road safety officers of various sorts and Councillor Barbara Dring for attending. Sorry If I missed anyone.

I would also Like to thank the Great Barr Academy for the use of one of their rooms.

Most Of all I would like to thank the Perry Barr Acting District Director Neal Da Costa for all the behind the scenes work he puts in organising these meeting.

Sadly a few schools did not send a representative. I was pleased however to hear form all those who attended that they fully understood parking and road safety near schools is a very important subject. It is problem their school recognises and want to do something about. They also indicated they found the meeting useful.

We have not come up with any magic solutions or money trees, but there was a lot of useful back ground information and we have agreed to meet again in the new year, to see if some of the ideas that were discussed can be progressed.

If your school was unable to attend and you feel that parking issues and road safety near the school where your child goes to or (if you are a near by resident), you may wish to remind that school to attend the next meeting.

It is a great shame that it takes a tragedy and the often knee jerk reaction to it, to make some people get involved rather than working to try and prevent one.

At these meetings we also consider how to improve the air quality around our school which is so badly effects those with breathing problems and the local environment. We need to reduce the need for parent to take children to school and park with their engines running a lot of the time. Its bad for the Children, triose living near schools and yes ultimately the climate

By working collectively we may help deal with some of these major problems.
We do however need those working at a higher level to take an interest and show their support as this would go a long way to help what we are trying to do.

 Residents will have an opportunity to learn more about this meeting and to have an impute on the subject at the next Ward Residents meeting on the 26th of October. The venue will be the 610 Community Centre and the time 7pm. The meeting will be chaired by Councillor Barbara Dring.  I will also be attending.

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