Monday, 3 November 2008


Well for once I can not claim the Transportation department are dithering when it comes to introducing urgently needed road safety measures in Oscott.
When asked yet again for the introduction of road safety measures on the Aldridge road and particularly for the introduction of a set of traffic lights at the Greenholm Road /Thornbridge Road, they have said NO.

I have now made several such requests for traffic lights at this junction given the number of accidents there and that children cross at this point, to come and go to the near by Greenholm Road school. Local community groups have been fully behind me on this issue and are also bitterly disappointed at the lack of interest shown by the Transportation department.
Why when we know the Council are paying millions for consultants, to consult on who knows what, can they not spend just a small amount of that on safeguarding this junction?

I really do hope I am wrong and there will not be a serious accident at this junction, but if there is the blame will have to be placed with the Transportation department. It is becoming more and more apparent, when it comes to road safety, Oscott is being forgotten by this Councils Transportation department.

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Anonymous said...

Why are those resposible so lacking in interest in Oscott?