Saturday, 18 September 2010


Councillor Barbara Dring in her role as Oscott Ward Committee Chair will be officialy re opening the Perry Common Library on Saturday 25th at 3.30pm. She will then go on to present awards to youngster in appriaciation of all the hard work they have been doing designing libray cards and so on.
Barbara will also be paying tribute to the retiring Gudyal Gandham for all the hard work she has put into the Library service over the years.

I have always found Gudyal very helpful and knowledgeable in the years I have know her (and in the countless times I have met her when using the Perry Common library). I certainly wish her well for the future.

The Perry Common is already in use and I have to say the refurnishing (paid for out of Oscott Community Chest over the last couple of years,( and possible my fines for returning my books back late ?) looks really good. The modern Counter and the chairs in the youth Library are very good as is the new information Plasma screen.
The whole place looks so much brighter. Behind the scenes there have also been a number of worth while. improvements and so naturally are all the major roofing repairs.
I am sure users of the library will reap the benefits.
I will be helping out on the Saturday morning (10am) and have been glad to have been asked to. Perhaps I will see you there.

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