Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Councillor Barbara Dring and I attended the Oscott Ward Advisory Board meeting tonight. These meetings are where Community representatives, 'Council Officers, the Police, Fire Brigade and other voluntary group Representatives, meet with Oscott Ward Councillors to discuss issues relating to the Oscott Ward.
Tonight's agenda was heavily taken up with community safety issues.
The Police reported that following up recent a Police Tasking meeting (which I attended) they are going to prioritise a number of community safety issues. These are:
Looking at speeding issues in the ward (and continuing with the Speed Watch Initiative.)
Preventing drinking and anti social behavior on the Kingstanding Circles pavements and shop fronts.(Looking further at the Alcohol restricted Zones initiative for example)
Persuading youngster not to play ball games on the street and thus trying to prevent accidents.
Carrying out more anti burglary patrols in the area.
Monitoring disabled parking bays. (this links in with the on going initiative I have been working on with the Transportation department and the Oscott Disability Group to introduce more enforceability, to the use of these bays.) I am particularly concerned about the Kingstanding Circle area but to other locations as well.

It will be interesting to see how the Police get on with these initiative's.

A number of other reports and issues were discussed regarding unemployment in the ward, help for young families, help for the elderly and so on. Residents can raise issues with their Oscott Ward Councillors in 2 weeks time at the Oscott Ward Committee.

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