Thursday, 16 September 2010


For over 2 year I have along with resident been trying to get the Transportation department to come up with solutions to parking problems near the Great Barr Junior and infant school and the Perry Beeches Schools (Sandy Lane and Beeches Road) The result so far apart from a Speed indicator sign of the Aldridge Road, has been a series of consultations and the odd public meeting. This is clearly not good enough and is a farce.
There have been a number of proposals put forward for the Aldridge Road and Sandy Lane which were all but agreed, but sadly just as just as they were getting some where it was realised there were problems in the design and problems would simply move up Sandy Lane.
Both the Sandy Land and the Aldridge Road need to be sorted out urgently and there needs to be a solution which takes into account both roads.
I have been in touch with one of the Directors in the Transportation department about this situation yet again and will continue to press his department to take action, for the safety of our school children and for the relief of local residents who are suffering from parking problems. I am in constant with the Police who are trying to sort out the problem while waiting for the Transportation department to come up with a solution.

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