Thursday, 23 September 2010


In areas like Oscott where there are a lot of elderly and disabled residents, riding a push bike on the pavement is dangerous. Many able bodied residents also tell me they feel intimidated when they are on the same pavement as a cyclist.
I would urge cyclist not to ride their bikes on our pavements and I am aware many responsible cyclist do not There is a fixed fine for riding a bike on the pavement and while not wanting to sound to draconian about it I feel perhaps the Police should consider issuing more of these fines.

The Council needs to do more. I have been asking for some time now for No cycling on pavement signs to be put up in strategic locations. There also need to be a program of education on the subject and yes many of our roads in Oscott need looking at to make them more safe for cyclist to use. For example they should be considering extend cycle lanes along some of our roads.

I am also working closely with the Oscott Disability Group to look at ways of getting the authorities to take more action on this issue.

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