Saturday, 17 November 2012


After months of trying to sort out funding to pay for more new fencing for the Burford Road Playing Fields and following my proposing a request at the last Oscott Ward Committee it has been agreed some funding will be made available.
You may recall funding had been promised before the last Local election but on coming into power Councillor Barbara Dring discovered there was no funding put aside by the previous Council administration at all..

Now following months of wrangling your Oscott Councillors Councillor Barbara Dring, Tristan Chatfield and myself have got agreement to fund this fencing. or at least part of it.
The fencing is needed to help secure parts of the field and to help prevent further damage to other sections of what is now old fencing which needs replacement.

Councillor officers will be visiting the site again to prioritise the work needed. There will be a small gap left in the fence as was agreed as part of the consultation I set up with local residents earlier this year.
We would expect work on replacing some sections of fencing take part next year and will keep the presuure on to get the work done ASAP. (we will not be having any palisade fencing removed or changed around as was indicated by others.)
I am also continuing to request the site be monitored by the Police regularly especially now we have the dark nights to help prevent anti social behavior occurring.

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