Tuesday, 6 November 2012


I have spoken to Khalid Mahmood MP who has assured me following his discussions with the Birmingham City University authorities that the rumours around the Moor Lane Sporting facilities closing are unfounded.

The BCU as many are aware are sadly reallocating to East side, but they are leaving behind the continued use of their sports facilities and student accommodation.

There has also been a special task force to help with the issues of the BCU move put in place. Unfortunately I was not given the opportunity to be nominated onto this task force but I will be asking for updates.
The purpose of the task force is.-

  To ensure a free flow of information between BCU and the Perry
Barr community as to the ongoing progress of its relocation project

.         To identify impacts, dependencies and opportunities on other
development issues in the area.

.         To ensure the BCU plans are reflected on the Area Action Plan as
well as wider city development strategies.

.         To help answer the concerns and questions of local people and
their representatives

It is my understanding that their next meeting (which is not open to the Public) is to be held on December 6th.

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