Thursday, 22 November 2012


You may have heard about Birmingham City Councillors being given Ipads to use as part of their council duties recently.

It is my understanding that those Councillors like myself on the Planning Committee which is acknowledged by most as one of the main committees of the Council have received IPads to trial them on behalf of the whole council. We are also as part of the compulsory training we have to have on the Planning Committee receiving some training on how to use these Ipads.
The Planning Committee Councillors probably receives more paper work than any of the other Council Committees and to try a cut down on the amount and cost of this paperwork (as well as to be more environmentally friendly) it has been felt for a few years now that better IT measures are needed.
I have resisted this idea for some time but have now been assured as have Councillors from all the political parties that should IPads become more available after extensive trials money will be saved by the Council in the long run. 2 years.

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