Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Following their erecting this railing to prevent some motorist parking on the out carriage way of the island  despite the prescents of double yellow lines, to collect their shopping, the Council left gaps for shop deliveries.
Now at my suggestion the Transportation department  have finally contacted the shop keepers at this location who need deliveries and most have agreed to having gates fitted in the gapes, to stricty monitor their deliveries and to only have these locked gates open when receiving deliveries.
Hopefully this may help dissuade the drivers who are parking dangerously and who are also causing delays for other drivers trying to get past especially at peak times.These drivers can use free car parks which are only a few minutes away.
These measures should also aid the already stretched local Police recscoures and allow them to get on with more important crime fighting duties rather than having to deal with what were dangerous parking issues..
It is pleasing to see this cooperation with the traders and I will be asking the Police and Transportation department to monitor the situation when it comes into operation.

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