Friday, 28 February 2014


 I have been provided with an assurance that there are no plans to close Witton Cemetery Chapel in the foreseeable future.
 Bereavement Services are currently awaiting quotes from Acivico for works to be completed to renovate and redecorate the interior of the chapel, in addition to any structural works that may be required. It is the intention, if feasible, to carry out these works in order to improve the overall appearance and presentation of the chapel. Whilst the proposed works are taking place, there may be a period during which the chapel will be closed but the Bereavement services are unable to provide any dates at present.

Although Witton Cemetery is full to capacity for the provision of new graves, there will still be a significant demand for the re-opening of existing family graves for many years into the future and the cemetery will continue to operate as normal.

Witton Cemetery is dear to the hearts of many Oscott residents as we have loved ones buried there. It is good to know that the cemetery will carry on being in use. Sadly however it has run out of sites for new none family member burials.
New burials will have now to take place at the cemetery at New hall in Suttoncoldfield.

As you may be aware the old friends of Witton Cemetery which I helped set up some years ago  has now been disbanded but I have been informed that a new organisation is being considered. 
If you would like to become part of the Friends of the Witton Cemetery please Email me

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