Friday, 3 October 2008


I attended the Oscott Ward Committee on Wednesday where I am pleased to say all the funding requests recommended by the Oscott Ward Advisory Board were agreed (See post dated 25th September)

I was particularly pleased for Age Concern, as now they can continue with a number of projects for the elderly in Oscott.

Not so pleased were a number of residents who came along to speak to the Cabinet Member for Street Services. Unfortunately he was not able to attend the meeting.

The Transportation officer who did attend the meeting had to fend of a number of tough Questions from residents, such as why are our concrete road in Oscott such poor condition, Why have so few roads in Oscott been put on this years Highway Maintenance schedule, Why is there such a delay in having the new traffic lights on the Nova Court junction installed and why can nothing be done about the state of the Booths Lane carriage way? Perhaps in the circumstances it was just as well the Cabinet member for Street Services could not attend?

On a brighter note about Street issues we did learn that due to the Governments PFI funding initiative many of the concrete roads in Oscott should receive significant attention over the next 7 or 8 years. Dunedin Road may be one of the first to have some work carried out on it in a year or so.
I have pointed out once again however, there are a number of Concrete carriage way roads in Oscott, where work needs to be carried out and it should be done with a phased approach. Also road safety issues also need to be considered.
Councillor Dring and I are committed to carry on trying to get these roads repaired as soon as possible and welcome any one else who wishes to work with us to this aim.

It was also agreed at the meeting following consultation with local residents, that the 610 Community Centre would now be the venue for a possible new Skate Boarding centre. Other options are now being looked at.

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Anonymous said...

Last paragragh the 610 will NOT be the site for Skate board an alternative is being sought
Just needs correcting.