Monday, 20 October 2008


The Junctions of Birdbrook Road, Burnham Road and Aldridge Road are still causing many residents and motorists major concerns. There is often parking right on these corners and on both sides of the near by island.
There are also on occasions, problems for the near by Saint Mathews church when they wish to hold a funerel service.
In the past there have been a number of public meetings and various issues have been raised by residents and shop keepers alike. The Oscott Central Neighbourhood Forum have also been very active, in trying to get action taken to deal with this problem.

While I can accept delays have occurred in dealing with the problem, given the SuttonColdfield College (whose students cause most of the problems) have had problems reallocating to their new site further down the Aldridge Road. (the new building is now scheduled for 2010) I do feel more needs to be done while this move is being awaited.

I am constantly calling upon the Transportation department to taken action and for the Police to get tough with those who park right on these junctions. The Police have now informed me that is what they intend to do and more fines can be expected by those who park inconsiderately to close to these junctions.

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Anonymous said...

This summs up the Tories lack of interest in Oscott.

Bet you if you do get anything done they will claim it was them though!!!!!