Friday, 24 October 2008


This week I have spent a lot of time meeting with older residents in Oscott. For example I have attended the Kingstanding Pensioners Convention meeting which took place on Monday, I then met on Wednesday with the Chair of the Oscott Elderly Residents group* and some of her committee. I popped into to see the Befriending project at the Emanuel Centre on Thursday, which is ran by Age Concern and then today Friday I had a walk about at the Ashgrove Complex.

It is pleasing to that our older residents in Oscott are finding things to do and the money from the Oscott Community Chest is being well used to help them.
Councillor Barbara Dring and I are very keen to promote activities for our older residents and will do our best to find funding for them.
If you or some one you know would like to know more about activities for older residents in Oscott please ring any of the following.

Age Concern 358 o309
The Oscott Elderly Residents Group 356 6894 (messages)
The Oscott Ward Support Officer 464 1869
Councillor Keith Linnecor 360 6486

* The Oscott Elderly Residents Group meet every Saturday at the 610 Community Centre (10.30am) for a free cup of tea and a chat. There is also a game of Poole available for any one interested.

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