Monday, 13 October 2008


I attended a joint meeting with Transportation engineers, a Safer Routes to Schools Officer, local residents and the Police today. We look at the nightmare parking situation there is near the Perry Beeches School Cluster.
Residents are being blocked in their own drives daily, by inconsiderate parents who are ofter rude and abusive when asked to move. Children's lives are also been put at risk, on corners such as the Beeches Road, Chelmorton Road junction.
Many parents who walk their children to school, informed the Police, at today's meeting they were fed up with the situation and home owners feel they need a lot more help with their problems. Every one agreed while the problem was not an easy one to solve but something needed to be done.
The Police and Transportation department have now gone away to look at possible solutions and hope some of the problems may be eased by the end of the financial year. be warned however, as we have seen with promises about the near by Sandy Lane, the famous and well known dithering by Transportation Chiefs can lead to delays in action being taken. I will be keeping an active watching brief on this as the problems at this location has gone on far to long.

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