Friday, 17 October 2008


I was pleased to take part in today's "Oscott Nighbourhood Team Street Action Day", today.
Most of this afternoon along with a number of Police officers, other Councillors and members of local resident groups, was spent touring round well know hot spots in Oscott.
These are areas where there have been a number of problems with anti social youngsters, or in some cases parents, dropping off their off spring, out side of some Oscott Schools with out any thought for the safety of others.
Some of the places we visited were, the Burford Road Playing Fields, the Aldridge Road Recreation Ground and the Queslett Nature Reserve. We also spent time out side the Great Barr and Perry Beeches Schools.
It was a good opportunity for every one concerned to understand the different problems these areas cause and trying to work out how problems could be solved.
There was also an opportunity for the public to discus issues of concern, at a mobile Police Station which was parked at the Kingstanding Circle for most of the day.
There will be a similar operation taking place in the new year and I have asked for a number of other problem areas to be considered, such as the parking problems at the Birdbrook Road/Burnham Road / Aldridge Road junction.
If you have a problem area in Oscott you would like the team to have a detailed look at please let me know and I will pass it on for consideration. Tel 360 6486

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