Tuesday, 21 October 2008


Between the 3rd November 2008 and the 31st March 2009, the Pest Control Section are planning to trial a new and innovative approach to rodent control in the Perry Barr and Hall Green constituencies. Both of the constituencies have been chosen due to there geographical location within Birmingham and level of reported pest control problems.

The trial, in brief will involve the following:

When rodent problems are reported to the section they are currently categorised as being a problem located in a residents house or garden and each are currently dealt with in a different timescale. Due to the priority nature of problems identified inside a property there will be no change to the current provision for dealing with these cases and they will be responded to within 24 working hours, with the majority of all calls received before 13:00 being dealt with the same day.

The most noticeable change will involve the less urgent but more important RATG problems which if dealt with more proactively and more efficiently will prevent the more serious RATH occurring, providing residents take advice regarding proofing, bird feeding and rubbish removal. The change in this service will be based around a two week service delivery cycle:

• Week 1: This will involve officers approaching every property in a predetermined area to offer free advice, surveys and treatments for rats, as required. The areas will be chosen using historical pest control information and local knowledge of the constituencies, which will enable those areas which have a high incidence of infestations to be targeted. In addition, we will be working with the Environmental Wardens, other City Council Officers / Departments and external organisations to resolve some of the causes and sources of rodent infestations so that a more long term solution to the problem can be achieved. During this week all requests to deal with RATG from residents will be recorded and actioned during Week 2.

• Week 2: During the second week all of the requests from residents to deal with RATG received during the first and second week will be actioned, and on contacting the section in either week the resident will be offered a suitable morning or afternoon appointment during the second week. This is a major improvement to the current service which is not able to provide an appointment and instead on contacting the department residents are told that an officer will contact them in the next 5 working days.

It is hoped that by combining a proactive and reactive approach to pest control the constituency and its residents will start to experience a noticeable decline in rodent populations, which in turn will have a positive affect on residents health and their environment.

I welcome this Pilot scheme and the residents in Oscott can be assured both Councillor Barbara Dring and I will be doing our best to ensure the Oscott Ward gets its fair share of this initiative, as we both have had a large number of reporting of rats over the last six months or so.
The problem of Rat infestation is something which needs to be dealt with and dealt with urgently. Other rat issues which need to be addressed are central reservations where there are bushes and where they are near to take aways. Also the amount of houses left empty with rubbish in their gardens.

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There are rats every where and something neeeds to be done.