Thursday, 18 December 2008


The Aldridge Road Day Centre (an Establishment which caters for adults with learning difficulties) is now under threat of closure. There is apparently going to be a 12 week consultation period, which is never a good sign!
As you may have read on my 11th November Post I did visit the Centre back in November and was concerned about how the buildings had been allowed to deteriorate and the poor moral of the staff there. However the users of the Centre were all happy and well looked after by the staff. All of which I reported to the Social Services department.

It would appear to me now that it may be the case that the Council have been letting the condition of the building deteriorate, as a way of convincing people it is time the centre closed? I hope this was not the case. The announcement just before Christmas is a real body blow for all concerned.

Those who use the centre (some of the most vulnerable members of our community) in many cases have been going there for many years and it would be a big up evil to them and their families, if they had to have to go else where. In fact to many of the users, the Centre is a second home to them, where they feel safe and have activities to do. It would be a great shame no a disgrace!!! if this centre has to close.

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