Wednesday, 3 December 2008


In order for Birmingham City Council to help achieve their LPSA2 road safety targets by the end of the 2008 calendar year, various schemes and initiatives are being introduced city wide. One of these schemes involves the installation of Vehicle Activated Speed (VAS) signs at strategic locations as highlighted by Birmingham City Council and the West Midlands Casualty Reduction Scheme.

VAS signs are triggered by oncoming vehicles which are travelling above the designated speed limit for that road. Once triggered, the VAS sign displays the speed limit along with the words “Slow Down” in an attempt to make the driver more conscious of their current speed and for them to reduce it.
The Council is proposing to install 31 signs across the city, of which 26 are fixed and 5 are movable. In the Oscott Ward it is intended to install one of these signs. This would be on the Queslett Road East. It is the Councils intention to complete the works within the calendar year.
I am in favour of the proposed site for the VAS but there need to be consideration for another such signs further down the Queslett Road towards the Old Horns Island and other safety issues on this road still need addressing.
The work is supposed to be carried out as a matter of urgency. I will do what I can to ensure it does not get the Councils Nova Court Junction treatment i.e. being held up for moths on end by a dithering Transportation department. I will also be asking for more of these signs in other locations in Oscott.
I would also like to thank all those residents who have worked so hard to get the Council to make safety improvements to this road we are slowly getting there.

If you want me to pass on your views please give me a ring on 360 6486

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