Thursday, 4 December 2008


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    There will be a meeting arranged by the TRansportaion department, on December 10th at the great barr school, 5.30am. At this meeting there will be an oppotunity to discuss the above scheme.
    It is very important to look after the road safety needs of the Children attending the Great barr School and Junior School and it is also important for locay residents to have their say.

    Some of the points I have already made are to the Transportation department are.
  • I would strongly object to the re locating further up Dyas Road the bus shelter currently located near the junction of Dyas Road and Delhurst Road.
  • There needs to be consideration given to finding more off street parking.
  • There is urgent need for a crossing facility at the end of Dyas Road near the Aldridge Road junction. either a School Crossing patrol or a pedestrian crossing?
  • A Traffic light system at the end of Dyas Road should be considered it could include the above. Or even a School Crossing Warden?

  • The amounts of bollards being placed the pavements near shop frontages needs to be carefully considered.

  • Residents and local schools should continue to be consulted regarding all stages of these proposals.

  • Care needs to be taken not just to move problems from one spot to another.


The Aldridge Road junction has needed action taken with regards to helping School children cross the Dyas Road for some years. Children from the Great Barr schools, Glenmead and Perry Beeches Schools also often cross at this point.

As there were a number of issues raised when the former Safety Scheme was presented to residents earlier in the year, I am pleased they have heeded Councillor Dring and myself and come forward to meet with residents to discuss the issues again.

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