Wednesday, 17 December 2008


We need more of these litter bins in Oscott

One of the lessons I am learning from the Save our Shops campaign is the need for still more litter bins in the area. Not just on our shopping centres but also on routes used by school children and so on. I have in the past had a lot of new litter bins put in around the Oscott Ward, but this Council are slow at replacing any that are damaged and that need to changed or replaced.

I have put in a number of requests for litter bins recently but I am always ready to listen to suggestions as to where even more would be useful. If you know a location calling out for a litter bin let me know 360 6486 and i will add on your suggestion to my list of requests and will try and get the Council to take action. These litter bins do after all play their part in keeping Oscott tidy, with less litter on our streets, not to mention helping to reduce dog fouling.

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