Monday, 29 September 2014


I am supporting the demands of residents living in the Booths Lane, Bowman and Caddick area, for the return of their "hut" polling station.
This hut was in place for many years in order for local residents to be able to vote without having to travel for long distances.
Contrary to a widely held belief by the powers that be there are some (especially elderly residents ) who still want to make the effort to go out and vote.
Postal votes are a good alternative but there should be an alternative.
The situation has not been made easier by the fact that although the developers Persimmons would now be happy, as agreed to open up Booths Lane to traffic the new developers Taylor Wimpey feel they are not able to open up their section of Booths Lane due to health and safety reasons.

I shall be meeting along with Local residents representatives with Taylor Wimpey as part of a working party to discuss various issues of concern, this week.

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