Wednesday, 24 September 2014


I am currently trying to get the powers that be to understand that many residents in Oscott like me feel the way the old forest type street trees in Oscott are not being pruned vigorously enough.

 I am not calling for them to be all pollarded but just pruned more than they are in many cases.
I am continually being told that they are and being quoted Council and government statics on the subject and that minimum standards are being met.

If this minimum standard about how trees are pruned is correct then the minimum standard of pruning needs changing in my view.
With that in mind I am lobbying hard Amey, the Birmingham City Council and with the help of the Perry Barr MP the government on the subject.

To use the popular in word I would like to “engage” with Oscott residents on the subject.

  • If you live in Oscott in a road with large forest type trees in it what do you think?
  • Do you think the trees in your road are not being pruned enough?
  • Do you think the trees in your road have been pruned well?
If you would like to let me know your view on the subject I will pass on your comments.
 Leave me a message (with your name and address) on 303 2039
Or if you have one of my “Tell me your concerns" cards send it in.

I am sure you will hear a lot more on this subject from others as the local elections draw closer! But I would like to know your views now.
I may not win the battle to get the large forest type trees in Oscott pruned more vigorously where needed but I will give it a go.

See also my post s on this subject dated 10.09.2014 ,20.08.2014 and 26.06.2014 or use the search facility top left and type in trees.

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