Friday, 12 September 2014


I would like to thank all those Oscott residents who are continuing to contact me letting me know their concerns and views.

 I will always do what I can to help residents with problems although especially in these tough times when government cuts to Council funding is so extreme, I can not promise to resolve all the issues I hear or read about.

I am also willing and happy to listen to Oscott residents views of matters relating to the Council and so on, even though there may be times I do not always agree with them? (If I don't I will tell you why)

It is easy to contact me for example.

I hold a surgery every fourth Tuesday in the month at the 610 Community Centre at 9.30am
You can leave a message for me on 303 2039 (don't forget to give my name and your details)
Most Oscott residents would have received one of my Pre - Paid return cards at some time. (if you have not let me know)
You can email me on
I do regular street walk abouts in Oscott and attend a number of public meetings including the Oscott Ward Committees.
You can even see me on a bus in Oscott most days.? or from Time to time in the Queslett Nature Reserve?

I live locally and I am always out and about in Oscott and if you want to know about some of the things I am doing keep reading this blog and Twitter.

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