Wednesday, 3 September 2014


 Re College Road sewer works located near the Cross Way Lane junction. This a causing a lot of distress to residents who live on roads where vehicles are being diverted. Roads like Epwell Road.

The work Seven Trent are carrying out is a repair on a collapsed sewer. This is taking longer than they originally hoped as once they started work they found a collapse on a second sewer. In addition to this one of the pipes is underneath the 30” water main. This means they have to be particularly careful to prevent damage to the water main, which could result in cross contamination.

Seven Trent have informed me that  the diversion route is causing problems for those living in the area. The route has been approved by the highways department and has to be of at least the same class of road as the closed road. It should also avoid directing traffic through minor roads.

They now  understand that some road users with local knowledge are finding a way through rather than using the diversion. Unfortunately, as Seven Trent  have to maintain access to frontages, it’s difficult to prevent this.

I an continuing to press Seven Trent to do doing all they can to get the repairs completed as quickly as possible and get College Roads carriage way (From City) reopened – They now hope to be finished by 26 September.

I hope this information helps to explain the situation. If you’d like any other information let me know and I will try and find it out for you.

Seven Trent must do all they can to cause as little inconvenience as possible to those living where the diversion has been put in place.

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