Wednesday, 10 September 2014


 Today I am meeting a man about trees in Oscott. He will be a Representative from Amey and although it is difficult to know where to start I will be explaining to him the way the trees in Oscott are pruned (in most roads) is not good enough.
I am a supporter of the need for trees but something needs to be done.

I have been calling on BCC administrations for years to get their act together and come up with a decent common sense approach for dealing with the City’s forest type street  trees.

There needs through re negotiating with Amey a better form of pruning and tree removal/ replacement program.

There should be in my view a time scale perhaps 20 year for the removal and replacement of all forest type street trees which are over 50 years old and are full size. This would lead to streets where trees ranged in age and size which would ultimately mean they could be pruned more efficiently when needed.

New replacement trees should preferably be native trees more suitable for a road side situation. They could also be planted in a more suitable curb side  locations enabling more home owner access to having drop curbs and where possible not effect street lighting.

Each road with over grown forest type trees should have a worked out program to remove and replace so many of these trees each year.

Those tree which need pruning should be pruned more vigorously. It is pointless sending out crews to prune so little of the trees canopy that the lay person cannot even tell what has been done. This leads to very annoyed residents.

The size of the crown of a tree also effects the size of the root system and these roots can often effect the pavements in a road.
Poor pruning can also mean too many fallen leaves which make our pavement slippy in wet weather and at times branches are falling off trees when there is only a small breeze, which can damage cars and even people.

This subject needs to be reconsidered and if national rules need to be changed the government should be lobbied.

If you are an Oscott resident and have a view on this please Email me on or leave a message on 303 2039

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