Thursday, 22 October 2015


Today as part of my commitment to the interest of the Oscott residents I represent I have an interesting tour of the Queslett Closed Landfill site.
Guided by senior officers and accompanied by Brenda the |Secretary of the Friends of the Queslett Nature Reserve  I had the opportunity of watching the very committed staff,  on the the site at work. The site is a large one and it is very well maintained and looked after.
In 30 years or when the gas has all been drained off,  it will be a welcomed open space in an area which is sadly steadily being built on.
The site Management team also have a healthy respect for the wild life which sometimes take shelter on the site. This clearly has a knock on effect for the Queslett Nature Reserve next door.

I was informed the is not dangerous to the public if they do not enter the site and a lot of continued work replacing or repairing a myriad of underground pipes is being done. In some areas near the Aldridge Road side, new pipes and vents  are being laid to help ensure local residents and schools are even safer than they all ready are.

The job of those working on the site is to ensure the safety of the site, creating wind breaks, checking for signs of vandalism, as well as working on pipes and other equipment.

I was as usual very impressed with the site and the staff working on it.

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