Tuesday, 6 October 2015


 By not locking your rear access way gate you can end up with rubbish like this at the back of your home.

Sadly a number of Oscott residents are being effected by fly tipper dumping rubbish in rear access ways. despite the fact that just 5 minutes down the road at the Holford Road recycling Centre (off Aldridge Road) rubbish will be taken in free of charge some insist in dumping their rubbish locally.

This anti social act is unacceptable the Council also offer a £25 rubbish removal service and to just dump behind someones property is not good enough.

One way residents can hep prevent this fly tipping is to ensure if they have them rear access way gates are kept locked. This also has the effect of keeping anti social groups of youths out of the drives and adds security to the rear of properties.

If  Oscott residents have genuine problems finding funds to pay for a pad lock for their rear access gates and if residents will use a new pad lock funding may be available to help. Ring me on 303 2039 and I will do what I can to help along with my fellow ward Councillors

Unlocked rear access way gates leves an easy target for fly tippers

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