Tuesday, 6 October 2015


It has come to my notice that Wheelie bins are being stolen in the Oscott area.
I have spoken to the Police about this issue and they will be trying to keep an eye on it.

I find it strange given the hostility by some to wheelie bins that others are going round stealing them!

I would suggest to any residents with wheelie bins try marking them (the lid or side) with paint or a permanent marker. I used to that with my dust bins when I heard that a number of dustbins had been stolen in this area some years ago.
If you post code the bin (use the number of your house and the post code).
 If they are lost you will be charged for a replacement. Also report the loss to the Police on their 101 number and get a crime number.
 Don't forget to have a quick look around to see if the bin has just been pushed further down your road.

I have also suggested the Council  consider using the Forward to pass on this information AND THEY SHOULD ENSURE WHEELIE BINS ARE LEFT NEAR THE PROPERTY THEY HAVE COME FROM WHEN EMPTIED. !

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