Monday, 23 June 2008


I was saddened to see in the Great Barr Observer that Building Futures are to vacate the Burford Road Playing Filed and re locate to Cardinal Wiseman School.

While this may be a good move when it comes to youngsters in the Old Oscott Hill area, it is a great shame for those in the Burford Road area. This also includes residents who will now have to put up with the problems of a completely empty field, ie even more anti social behaviour.

Building Futures claim the main reason they are moving is because they can not cope with the large gangs of youths that are using the field in the evening and the problems associated with drug taking. I have asked the Police what action they have been taking to deal with these problems and will be pressing, that now the field is empty, they ensure the site is patrolled regularly.

I have also urgently requested that, the Leisure Services Department, the Education, Department, the Local Police and the PCT get together to see what can be done to utilise this site.

There are very few open spaces in the area and this site should be used to promote fitness and a healthy living, by being used for sport by the community.

I have asked that the Constituency Director and the Council authorities, to look urgently into the funding of activities on this site.

I will keep you posted.

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