Sunday, 15 June 2008


Following my post about the Birmingham dogs home,(May 30th) I have had a number of people ask can I promote the welfare of Cats as well!

There are a number of organisations who look after the welfare of cats, for example-

Cats in Care 140 Hawthorn Road Tell 382 0408

The Cats Protection League 429 Vicarage Road, Kingsheath Tel 444 4433

The North Birmingham Cats Protection Tel 377 6302

If you need help or information about cats give them a ring.


OscottLocal said...

I bloody hate cats..

Anonymous said...

How can any nice person hate cats?
Cats are so independant and unlike dogs. They are the perfect pets for people with busy lives.

OscottLocal said...

They keep crapping in my garden!

Anonymous said...

Nce work keith!
Thanks for the Topic!