Friday, 13 June 2008


Many resident are very angry that despite their having to pay very high prices, to have a drop curb installed, they are having to wait many weeks to have them put in place. As one resident said to me the other day "I feel as if I am paying under false pretence's and I think I am really being ripped off by this Council"

The Council are quick enough to demand full payment for these drop curbs and must be earning interest from the minute a resident pays. They need to be much quicker in getting the contractors to get the job done. I have now spoken to senior Transportation Managers who have assured me they are looking into this problems and hope that things will get better soon. I will continue to monitor this issue.


Anonymous said...

Spot on Councillor. I waited near 8 weeks after paying to have a drop curb. The price is a rip off to.


Anonymous said...

Do tell your residents, Councillor, how the previous Labour administration increased the price of drop curbs by 75% just before they lost control of the Council . . .

Anonymous said...

The price of drop curbs did increase when Labour was in control of the Council over 4 years ago. Councillor Leddy and I did lead a campaign get the price dropped by 25% for a time. The price when under Labour control was far too high.This makes what the currentConservative led Adminsitrations prices even more amazing. They are in some cases over a 100% higher than 4 years ago and the fact they allow people to wait such a long time before the work is done (despite being paid in full) is the finale insult.

Anonymous said...

\Ref your above post

How refreshing to have an honest and candid response from a politian.
I wish others would take note.

The price of drop crossing is to high and there should be a maximum of 4 weeks to wait to have them put in.

Best wishes