Wednesday, 18 June 2008


Despite there now being a CCTV camera in the un- adoped section of Booths Lane, fly tipping is on the increase there. It is staggering to think when the Holford Drive Waste disposal site is only minutes away by car, that there are still those who fly tip. Then again in Birmingham we have the free bulky item service, which makes fly tipping even more objectionable.

As you may guess I have already been on to this current Council authority, calling for further and tougher action against these fly tippers. I would also like to see the land owner take more responsibility for his land. Perhaps he to could put up CCTV?
Unfortunately it is the poor old Council tax payer who has to pick up the tab to get this fly tipped rubbish removed and with this in mind, I would urge anyone seeing rubbish being fly tipped, ring 303 9900 and let the Council know.

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OscottLocal said...

I think they should double the fines for fly tipping and make more effort to catch people. There is no excuse for it in this day and age.