Friday, 19 December 2008


There is now a rumour going round that because the Council want to build a Olympic size swimming pool in the South of Birmingham, Local swimming pools , Beeches Road, and Dulwhich Road, may be sacrificed to find the money for it.?

I am not aware of any such proposals at the moment but I will be monitoring the situation While Birmingham does need a swimming pool of international standard it certainly should not be at the expense of other local swimming baths.
As with Post offices and Local Shops the onus is also on residents to make sure they use these facilities or risk losing them. With the Government backed Gym for free scheme, many residents can now use the Beeches Road swimming baths facilities for free and I hope they will use them as often as possible.
For more details about this this scheme ring 464 0208 and make the most of this facility.

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Anonymous said...

Kingstanding Leisure Centre will be having money invested in it and will be improved!