Wednesday, 28 August 2013


As the Chair of the Freinds of the Queslett Nature Reserve and as a Local Councillor I am often asked what are the rules concerning dogs using the Queslett Nature Reserve and the Aldridge Road Recreation Ground and so on. With this in mind I have post what the Council say on the matter. In some areas the new rules 2013 are being put up as a reminder to dog owners.Good dog owners will as usual take these rules in their stride.


Dogs are welcome in the majority of all of Birmingham’s Parks and Open Spaces.  You are free to exercise your dog anytime the park is open without restrictions.

However they do ask you, as considerate dog owners, to follow these few simple guidelines.

·                     Please clear up immediately if your dog fouls.  This is a legal requirement under the Dogs Act 1996.

·                     You can use any litter bin or special dog bin to deposit the waste.

·                     Ensure your dog wears a collar with your name and address on, this is a requirement under the Control of Dogs Order, and can help return lost dogs.

·                     Keep your dog under control.

            Please respect other park users and the wildlife in Birmingham's Parks and Open       Spaces.

·                     Keep your dog in sight at all times.

Birmingham Parks Service operates a zero tolerance policy for both vandalism and destruction or damage to park’s equipment by both vandals and dogs alike.

Owners of dogs who are responsible for such damage will be reported to the police and where dogs are allowed to roam freely without a lead in areas identified above then fixed penalty notices will be issued to the owners.

The Council Parks department hope you and your dog enjoy your visit to Birmingham's Parks and Open Spaces.

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