Tuesday, 13 August 2013



I noticed a letter from an Oscott resident in the Great Barr Observer last week claiming Councillors had an "underspend on the Community Chest in this area..
Needless to same this is not the case. All Oscott Community Chest over the last 2 years has been accounted for.
By the nature of some of the projects which are run some monies are rolled over from one year to the next to help continuity, this is clearly common sense.
Evidence for the correct position of the Oscott Wards accounts can be found in Council reports which are available to those who wish to see them.

However the best way to find out how Oscott,s Community Chest is allotted is to come along to a Oscott Ward Committee meeting (Chaired by Barbara Dring) every couple of months. At these meetings questions can be asked of officers and Councillors.
Get involved and keep in touch with what is going on in the area. (Mind you reading this blog helps to)

For more posts about how the Oscott Community Chest  was spent this year use the search facility top left and type in Community Chest

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