Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Although no time tables for the expected Wheelie Bin roll out are yet available I understand the issue will be discussed at a Cabinet meeting next month.
When I have more information regarding when they are likely to be given to Oscott residents I will post the details on here however I think it may be some time until they arrive.

Residents homes will be assessed before the roll out day and some residents will for various reasons, not have to have a wheelie bin and they will be given a red card. Those who will be given a Wheelie bin will be given a Green card.

Love them or hate them and there seems to be a lot who can not make up their minds, these bins will be arriving in the future, but when given a card you should be able to request the decision be reconsidered.
Elderly or disabled residents who receive a Wheelie bin can ask for assistance with having the bin wheeled from the premises to be emptied.
Your Oscott Councillors will do what we can to help during the change over period.

For further details regarding Wheelie bins please refer to the recent addition of the Forward news paper.

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