Tuesday, 13 August 2013


There are a number of roads in Oscott which need attention from Amey ( the Contractor given a 25 year contract to upgrade our roads in Birmingham by the previous Council Administration.
Here are just some of those which I have complained about over the last year or so, regarding the state of their carriage ways.
·         Aldridge Road - Booths Lane To College Road
·         College Road
     Cooksey Lane
·         Courtenay Road
·         Kingstanding Road - Start Of Dual way To Roundabout At Kings Rd
·         Kingstanding Road generally.
·         Lilac Avenue - Aldridge Road To Greenholm Road
·         Warren Hill Road - 
·         Warren Road -

I     I will naturally be requesting the replacement of any anti skid or safety measures on these roads when the resurfacing is being done.. 

There are a number of others as well and I am pleased to see Shady Lane is having work done on it to repair the carriageway after I have complained about it for so long. I expect news about some other roads shortly. I hope there will be some good news. Where it is not the case I will keep trying

If you have a concern about the carriage way on your road let me know and I will ask Amey to inspect it.

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