Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Along with officers from Centro. the Birmingham City Council as well as  representatives from the Great Barr School I attended a site meeting on the Aldridge Road and Dyas Road.
Once again I witnessed the irresponsible parking of some parents there, when picking up their children Some parents sadly think nothing of driving on the pavements regardless of the presence of other children using it.
At the bus stops at the end of Dyas Road/ Aldridge Road end.
 Hundreds of children have to wait on narrow pavements and have to stand in the road while waiting for their bus home from school. There are many problems as a result of this with passing traffic and pedestrians and this is despite Teacher being present doing their best to help the situation.There are also dozens of younger children from junior schools in the area trying to get past as well a mother with children in pushchairs.
I am trying to work closely with all concerned to try and deal with these problems and a number of possible solutions which may help are now being discussed again at high levels. These problems will not be easy to resolve however and a number of schools in the area have similar problems which need addressing.

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