Thursday, 6 September 2012


There are a number of rumours circulating the Booths Lane area at the moment regarding the Booths Lane Cameron Homes development.
To try and allay these rumours I am in regular contacted with Cameron Homes and Community Representatives in the area. I have been to look at the site and hope to meet with senior Cameron Homes executives on site in the coming weeks.

The 2 main rumours that have come to my attention are.
1. The development is to stop due to lack of money.

2. Booths Lane will not be reopening

Work is progressing at Booths Lane but Cameron Homes are currently suffering from a delay in the Section 38 process. The highways department have not yet been able to issue Cameron Homes with the S38 agreement as they have been waiting for a considerable time for the information they require from AMEY. As soon as they have the section 38 document sorted they will be able to proceed with pace to get the road in.
With this in mind I am pushing Amey and the Council at a senior level to get a move on and sort out this issue. The road will be reopening.

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