Friday, 14 September 2012


The Skate Board Centre at the Aldridge Road end of Perry Barr Park near the Oscott Ward boarder is still being well used. When I popped along to take a look yesterday there were at least 25 young people all enjoying them selves using the facility. These youngsters were from Oscott and other areas of the Constituency and were all mixing together to get as much fun as possible out of the facility.
When the Skate Boards Site Champion Councillor Barbara Dring and I went along there a few weeks ago we found the same level of interest in it. We said to youngsters then we would do what we can to improve and safe guide the facility and we will. We will battle to ensure the site is kept free of charge for the youngsters to enjoy.
I would however encourage all those who use this skate board facility to use the correct safety gear helmets and pads for example.

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