Wednesday, 23 October 2013


There is a great deal of concern about the future of many current council services due the the huge well documents cuts in funding* to the to Birmingham City Council by the government and like many other things Perry Beeches swimming pool is under review

I think it should be made clear that all the councillors at a briefing meeting last week were in agreement that Beeches should not close. The proposal from the District remains  that alternative forms of management be explored through the Framework Contract. 

 As a district we are actively trying to find and negotiate with potential contractors with a view of find a way forward.
 Naturally should the Government decide now it is claimed that the financial tide has turned, to lesson their financial attacks on Cities like Birmingham things would be made easier to save well loved services like those offered by the Beeches swimming pool.

I have made it quite clear that in my view the Beeches swimming pool should if possible be kept open and would ask residents who care not just about this Pool but many other important services, not just to sign petitions and complain but also too write to the Government demanding more funding be given to Birmingham as this is the main problem Birmingham residents and its Council has.

* See also post Monday 21st Oct Why the cuts are made

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