Friday, 25 October 2013


Like a number of Oscott residents Councillor Tristan Chatfield and I went along to see the latest Booths Lane development Plan as put forward by Taylor Wimpey
The Event took [place today between 1.30pm and 8pm.
Tristan and I also had a tour of the site with a representative from the developers, we also listened to the points of view of a number of residents who came along.

The proposals are to build 250 homes on the Booths Lane site near the Sandy Lane end of Booths Lane.
 The Golf range would go and Booths Lane its self would be re configured.

There are a number of issues which still need addressing but plans are still in the early stages and the developers are still hoping to get the views of local residents. Your 3 Oscott Local Councillors would also like to hear your views.

You can contact me by Emailing.

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