Wednesday, 16 October 2013


There seems to have been a mix up with regards to why street gym equipment was not purchased and located in 2 areas of the Oscott Ward.
When I first heard about this idea which was basically to put gym equipment designed for use on verges on city streets it seemed a good idea.
However when the issue was looked into further the 2 locations put forward for consideration had to be tuned down

The two areas  were the grassed area of Bandywood Crescent near the school, and the green area on Aldridge Road opposite the college. They were considered unsuitable for a number of reasons by Senior Transportation officers.
 For example The District Engineer had concerns in that they were effectively both ‘island’ sites completely surrounded by Highway, and therefore close to the Highway which gave rise to safety concerns, especially in the case of Bandywood Crescent due to the proximity of the school. They would if erected create a situation where people would have to cross the highway to use these facilities, when previously there was no need to. Both areas also had issues related to speeding vehicles.

Other issues included proximity to existing housing, the need for consultation, and provision for on-going maintenance costs. If anything, the issue of on-going maintenance costs was probably the major obstacle at the time as no budget provision had been made.

Some times what seem a good idea on the face of it has unforeseen draw backs which is why Transportation engineers views needed to be sort and the issue considered carefully by all involved.

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